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Handling wildcard in auto attendant

One of the lesser known features of the snomONE auto-attendant is handling of wildcard character x under the direct destinations section. This feature is very useful to perform some special operations within the AA. The use cases can be as … Continue reading

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Customization Series – snom phone web interface login

When snom phones are configured against the snomONE using the plug and play feature, everything is configured on the phone. Most of the setting are set on the phone based of the snomONE extension that the phone is configured against. … Continue reading

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Multicast Paging – for the hosted?

Paging, in a nutshell, a basic communication mechanism to announce to a group without really calling each one of them. We see the power of paging in an airport when they announce the boarding, departure or arrival information of a … Continue reading

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Shared line appearance, CO Lines, Key system….

Shared line appearance is one of the useful features that the good old traditional PBXs have. People refer this feature by different names – SLA, CO line, key system emulation, etc. Basically, this is a feature of mapping the line … Continue reading

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snomONE – 3rd party phones

When snomONE was introduced more than a year ago, it already had one thing on its side. That is a proven base from pbxnsip IP-PBX. Yes, snomONE is a slightly modified version of pbxnsip’s “rock solid” IP-PBX. The pbxnsip IP-PBX … Continue reading

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snomONE – Under the hood

In the age of statistic junkies, who does not want to know what is under the hood of the software you are using! Many times we like to see the global view of important data that a software or an application is … Continue reading

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Uploading audio files on snomONE

The snomONE PBX needs language specific audio files, ringback file and music on hold files for the normal operation. But uploading them to the system is not something universal across the different operating system versions. It is relatively easy on … Continue reading

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