Handling wildcard in auto attendant

One of the lesser known features of the snomONE auto-attendant is handling of wildcard character x under the direct destinations section. This feature is very useful to perform some special operations within the AA.

The use cases can be as simple as sending the caller to an agent group or as complicated as performing a dial plan look up to send the call over to a branch office.

Example 1: Consider a case where you want certain user inputs to go to specific destinations and “all other inputs” should go to a general mail box. In a typical case, when a caller reaches your office, they are directed to the main auto-attendant. Then, say, you want DTMF input 1 to go to Sales, 2 to Customer support, 3 to Purchase and any other input should go to a general mailbox. This can be easily achieved by setting x as last setting under the User Input section of the AA. Basically, the snomONE will process each user input and tries to match to the configured settings. If nothing else matches, it will match the user input for x and send the caller to the general mailbox.

Example 2: Consider a case where you have 2 (or more) branch offices and you do not want your customers to dial different telephone numbers to reach different offices/branch locations. Isn’t it nice for the your customers to dial the local office number and get serviced from any branch office anywhere in the world?. In such cases you can configure the snomONE in main office to route the call seamlessly to all branch offices using the is AA feature. You can follow high level steps listed below to achieve what you want.

  • Setup the AA->User Input to match the remote office extension. Ex: 4xx
  • Setup the AA->Destination with some prefix. Ex: 777*
  • Setup the Dialplan->Pattern to match this destination. Ex: 777*
  • Setup the Dialplan->Replacement as everything but the prefix. Ex: *
  • Setup the Dialplan->Trunk as the one that is connected to remote office. Ex: To-Remote-Office

So now, when your customer calls you and dials 425, the phone in the remote office will ring. This remote office could be in the next building or next state or in a different country. It is that simple!!!
Now with snomONE, your company can truly be a global company. Let the governments and politicians keep the country boundaries 🙂

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