Customization Series – snom phone web interface login

When snom phones are configured against the snomONE using the plug and play feature, everything is configured on the phone. Most of the setting are set on the phone based of the snomONE extension that the phone is configured against. The goal of the plug and play is to “do everything needed” for the proper operation of the snom phone automatically, thereby reducing the work for the administrator. This also means locking the phone’s web interface from the user with a user name and password. It is all good so far. But in some cases this can be an issue for the customers who wants to tinker with the snom phones.

As you know snom phones support multiple identities on each phone. In order to configure the multiple identities, you will have to enable the admin mode on the phone. But the plug and play disables the admin mode. As we already mentioned snomONE also locks the web interface with password. This is where the customization comes in handy. All you have to do is to change the admin_mode setting on the snom_3xx_phone.xml or snom_820_phone.xml from off to on. After the change, reboot the phone. Now you can login to the phone’s web interface and access all the phone settings.

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