Shared line appearance, CO Lines, Key system….

Shared line appearance is one of the useful features that the good old traditional PBXs have. People refer this feature by different names – SLA, CO line, key system emulation, etc. Basically, this is a feature of mapping the line appearance (or a function key, button) on a phone to a analog port or a co-line or simply “the trunk”. When you map a specific co-line on multiple phones, you can monitor and/or use it on all those phone. So, if the “line1” is busy, everyone will know about it. If “line1” has an incoming call, anyone of the mapped users can pickup the call. If “line1” has a call on hold, you can pick it up on any one of those phones.

This feature is extremely useful especially where employee do not always sit at their fixed desks. Consider these cases – a furniture store, a warehouse, department store etc., where most of the employees on their feet all the time. In these stores the telephones are installed throughout the floor at strategic locations. So, any employee can pickup an incoming call, put it on hold and then announce to the floor where the call is. You might have heard, while shopping, “Joe, you have a call on line2”, or “Mary, please pickup the call on line4”, etc. Joe or Mary can walk to the nearest telephone and press the “line2” or “line4” to pick up the call and continue conversation.

Now you have an idea how useful this feature is. If a feature is useful to you, snomONE decides to provide it for you! Well, snomONE always had this feature but not quite complete. But things have changed recently. The most recent version does cleanup the issues in that area and made it easier to use. The folks at snom have done a wonderful job in documenting this feature with respect to their snomONE plus product. This product includes the NetBorderExpress from Sangoma technologies. You can find the documentation at the following location – snomONE Shared lines

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2 Responses to Shared line appearance, CO Lines, Key system….

  1. SM says:

    there is one thing missing in this feature. Traditional Key systems show the active line as Green, and the active line on hold as green. whereas the snomOne PBX shows all shared lines as RED, no matter whether they are active or on HOLD, on the same phone, or another extension. This is a big problem when users have multiple shared lines. it is difficult, at times, to tell which line was placed on hold by themselves, and which lines are on hold for somebody else.
    would be nice to have an exclusive hold feature on shared lines too.

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