snomONE – 3rd party phones

When snomONE was introduced more than a year ago, it already had one thing on its side. That is a proven base from pbxnsip IP-PBX. Yes, snomONE is a slightly modified version of pbxnsip’s “rock solid” IP-PBX.

The pbxnsip IP-PBX supported a wide range of SIP devices and provided plug and play mechanisms for several vendor devices. They include – snom(all models), Polycom, Cisco, Aastra, Yealink, Unidata, Linksys to name a few. But when the snomONE was introduced, the support for 3rd party phones was drastically reduced. There was no plug and play for non-snom phones, a limit put on how many 3rd party devices can register with snomONE etc. This was done for few of reasons. They are –

  • Dedicated focus on providing zero-touch plug and play options for snom phones.
  • Lack of integration support from the 3rd party phone vendors when they release newer versions. This was really a big issue for snom engineering division.
  • Offer much more economical solution with snom phones and snomONE.

Well, even though all of these are done with good intentions, one important point was missing in that thought. That is, what about the folks who already invested in the 3rd party devices and still want to use the snom IP-PBX. After a long internal debate, the folks at snom decided to bring back all those features to snomONE. The result of that is a license key based support for 3rd party devices. This is implemented from the following version onwards.

Coma Berenicids(2011-

So, today snomONE supports plug and play for 3rd party phones and also the limitations on the number of 3rd party devices has been lifted. So, you can now happily plug in those 3rd party phone of your choice alongside the beautiful snom devices!

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5 Responses to snomONE – 3rd party phones

  1. So what is the price of license for support of 3rd party devices?

  2. I am confused on this subject and wanted to be clear between the forums and snom’s website. If we have yellow or blue, does that mean we can have 20 2 third party phones on yellow and “unlimited” on blue? I am assuming free will stay at 5 3rd party phones or is this the full 10?

  3. ElBee says:

    I have to agree with Steve. The last paragraph of this post says that the limit on the number of third party devices have been lifted which is contradictory to snom’s website that leaveittome linked to (Which is still the same as when version 4.3 was released). This is more of a support and clarification issue than a sales issue in my opinion.

    • leaveitome says:

      The snomONE versions never supported the plug and play for the 3rd party phones in 4.3. But the newer versions do support them with the license key update. For that ask sales team. That’s why you have to contact sales team.

      Do you see it is not a support question now?

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