Busy lamp, speed dial, etc….

It is always a struggle to get a balance between the features and usability in most softwares. Sometimes (or most of the times?) engineers try to cram-in all the features and totally forget about the usability or the user experience!. The snomONE PBX software also suffers from this bug every now and then. One such case is related to the busy lamp field (BLF) button functionality.

At one point, snomONE had speed dial button doing just the speed dials (as it supposed to) and the BLF doing monitoring and speed dial actions. Over the course of time the call pickup functionality was slapped on the BLF button due to popular demand. Life was good for a while and then started to hear that it really can cause undesired results, especially with a busy receptionist phone.

So, snom went back to the drawing board and made some modifications to the BLF functionality. With the new change, you have couple more options. They are –

  • Monitor only option. No speed dial, no call pickup option in this.You can just see if someone else is busy or not.
  • Monitor and speed dial. This option does not let you pickup the call. Also, when the LED is blinking, i.e., when monitored extension is in the alerting stage, you can’t speed dial to that extension.
  • Monitor, speed dial and pickup. All in one option. If you want to monitor you can do that. If you want to speed dial, go ahead. Or if you want to pickup the call while the LED is blinking, you can do that too.

This change will be available from April 2012 release. We truly hope that this will make your (and in turn our) life bit more easier when administering snomONE!

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