Making the most out of snom ONE SOHO

As we all know, the snom ONE PBX comes in different sizes! That’s right, different sizes! The smallest of them all is snom ONE SOHO. The device is built to industry-standards with no mechanical parts, increasing its durability and stability. This maybe one of the smallest IP-PBXs in the world and consumes only 1/10th of the power compared to a typical computer. Pre-installed with snom ONE IP-PBX software (with a free license), the snom ONE SoHo is a convenient, purpose-built hardware solution that supports the full range of snom features. One of the cool and useful features of snom ONE is the multiple language support. But this is something that we did not encourage on SoHo, so far. It is not a feature issue on the snom ONE, but it is the space issue of the SoHo. It has only 512MB storage. The audio prompts for each language need roughly 15-20MB. That can be an issue if you want to have 5-6 different languages on this small device. But, thanks to Linux and some improvement to the snom ONE software, now you can keep these audio files on a external drive (ex: USB) and tell the snom ONE to read from this drive.

All you have to do is to create symbolic links to the audio folders under the snom ONE working directory.

audio_en -> /mnt/usb/us_english
audio_sp -> /mnt/usb/spanish_prompts
audio_de -> /mnt/usb/audio_de

Restart the snom ONE service and you have all the language support that you wish.

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