snomONE virtual appliance

In the world of IP-PBXs, snomONE has been serving many happy customers over the years. This is one of very few IP-PBXs that runs on pretty much anything – a CPU, an OS and some memory- that’s all it needs!. If you love Microsoft, then you have windows based snomONE. If you like Mac, then you have one that works on Mac OS. If you are one of the many Linux lovers, you are in luck too. It can run on several Linux operating systems, CentOS, Debian, SuSE, to name a few.

Now it gets even better. Just recently, snom has come out with a Linux based virtual appliance(to know more about the virtual appliance, please refer ).

With the introduction of snomONE virtual appliance, the customer does not worry about how to install the OS, how to download and run the snomONE etc. All you have to do is download the snomONE virtual appliance, add this as your new virtual machine under the VM environment either internally or on the cloud.

The download links are here –
The ZIP version snomONE virtual appliance zip .

  • Download the above zip file
  • Extract the file to virtual machines repository folder under the VM server. This generally extract to snomONE_VM folder.
  • Using the “VMWare Infrastructure Web Access”, choose the “Add virtual machine to inventory” option and select the snomONE-CentOS-appliance.vmx file. You will see snomONE_appliance added to the list of VMs.
  • Now, start the VM. Once the snomONE_appliance is started, you can login to the virtual appliance web interface using https://x.x.x.x:5480. The default user name and password is root/snomONE
  • Then you can login to the PBX using http://x.x.x.x with admin/no password

The OVA version snomONE virtual appliance – OVA .

This file is an archive of OVF file and the disks. If you already know how to deploy the virtual machine using the OVA format, please go ahead. I have not tried it due to lack of necessary infrastructure.

But nasman at has posted some steps. Here they are –

VSphere Client

  • File Menu -> Deploy OVF Template
  • Choose source OVA file
  • View template Details
  • Accept License
  • Name & Location of Appliance
  • Choose Host
  • Choose Disk Format – Thin or Thick Provisioned [ I have tested with Thick ]
  • Option to setup network requirements during install, but can be left blank for defaults.
  • Finish to Complete

Also, the detailed instructions on how to do it is here Deploying virtual machine using OVA file

Have fun with snomONE virtual appliance!

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3 Responses to snomONE virtual appliance

  1. leaveitome says:

    This virtual appliance is now available at the VMware Marketplace for download too.

  2. I wish there was one for HyperV too…

  3. pcunite says:

    Is there a new download link?

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